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At Carbon Infuse, our dynamic team comprises young and highly skilled entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers, all united by a shared vision of pioneering change in the pursuit of a sustainable future. Our mission is clear: we are committed to providing innovative, energy-efficient solutions that integrate CO2 utilization and waste upcycling, revolutionizing the way we approach environmental challenges.

We firmly believe that the confluence of profound knowledge and cutting-edge technology can steer companies toward a prosperous and sustainable future. By harnessing the power of our groundbreaking ideas, we're not only transforming waste into valuable resources but also empowering businesses to make environmentally responsible choices.

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Diandian Zhao

Co-founder and CEO

Diandian Zhao is on the cusp of completing his Ph.D. at Columbia University. He has devoted over eight years to researching low-carbon and durable cementitious materials. His passion lies in commercializing technologies that convert CO2 into construction materials, making him a driving force behind Carbon Infuse's mission to revolutionize the industry with sustainable solutions.

Shiho Kawashima

Academic Co-founder

Shiho Kawashima is an associate professor at Columbia University. Her research focuses on the processing of cement and concrete materials, particularly low-carbon concrete and 3D printing construction. She was honored as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science in 2015 and received the prestigious NSF Career Award in 2017. Her expertise and experiences underscore her invaluable contribution to Carbon Infuse's mission.

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